Turisztikai informatika

Tourism it

A wide range of IT solutions in tourism for local and regional destinations, municipalities, accommodations and spas.

Tourism Destination Management (TDM) IT systems
Tourism portals
Portals, websites for spas
Regional and local portals
Outdoors module, portals for hiking, riding, cycling, etc.
Websites for hotels and inns
Customer relationship management system (CRM)
Booking, reservation, and inquiry management systems with capacity management
Front and back office modules with integrated inquiry management

Excursion management program with built in package management
Smartphone applications
Discount and loyalty card systems
Online ticket distribution for spas, parks and museums
Joint procurement systems
Touchscreen info terminals
Online communication
Campaign landing pages
Online operation and maintenance

Card systems

Development and implementation of discount and loyalty card systems with soft- and hardware support.

Development and implementation of discount and loyalty card systems
Portals for card systems
Smartphone applications
Online ticket distribution for spas, parks, museums, and events
Electronic admission systems for spas
NFC cards and readers
Hardware installation, training for users and administrators
Online operation and maintenance
Statistic module
Customer relationship management (CRM)

References / partners:
- Budapest Card
- Irány Pécs! Card
- Visitbük Card (Bükfürdő)
- Balatonbest Card
(Alsóörs, Balatonalmádi, Balatonfüred, Tihany) - Visit Gyula Card
- Bakony & Balaton Card
- Badacsony Régiós Card

Kommunikáció és marketing

Strategy and communication

Marketing communication, PR and social media management for tourism. Online communication from logos, through print material to full image design.

Online marketing and PR communication
Offline marketing and PR communication
Tourism marketing communication
All-round marketing communication
Social media communication and campaigns
Google AdWords campaign management
Facebook application development
City marketing communication and studies
All-round tender communication
Tender management and consulting

Logo and image design
Graphic design, image handbooks
Design of print materials and advertisements
Design and execution of online advertisements and banners
Advertisement management, creative concepts, media management
Content development and management