About us

International experience local solutions

We at Chrome-Soft offer outstanding and up-to-date solutions to our clients in tourism marketing, IT development, and strategic branding. Over the past years we have implemented several DMO IT systems, touristic portals, CRM and card systems, smartphone apps, and we have designed brands, graphic designs, websites, and publications. Our websites have been awarded multiple “Website of the year” and other awards.

The greatest value of our company is the many-year old national and international system of relationships and experience moreover know-how which integration into local solutions and adaption into national enviroment are carried out by our present and partly self improved informatical systems.

Our most important purpose is to maintain continuous of our company based on our extended knowledge and international experience through creative and custom solutions. We can maintain this growth by helping our clients.

Turisztikai informatika

Tourism IT

A wide range of IT solutions in tourism for local and regional destinations, municipalities, accommodations and spas. Our products: tourism portals, reservation systems, smartphone applications, CRM systems and CMS, destination management systems.

Kommunikáció és marketing

Srategy and communication

One of the main advantages of our company is the overall strategic approach, which covers every phase of the work carried out by our company. We subordinate all our activities to that strategic purpose which is defined with our clients together in the phase of planning.